Thursday, September 30, 2010

Working At Best Buy... Oh geez.

So today started out pretty ordinary, except for the fact that I actually got eight hours of sleep. I woke up, drove my ma to work, came back home and got ready for work myself. I decided to go with a new hair style today... I can't really explain it, but I did get compliments over it.

Six hours went by there and I was off.

I have started to do this thing where I look back at how my day was and how things could have gone differently and I just sat in my car and thought about them for about ten minutes.

- There was a Mexican lady, with three of her children that I started helping out and things were going well until... she asked me if I had a "$250 Asus netbook." ... I started to think about that question for a second and told her that we do not and the lowest price we had on a netbook was $280, but for her sanity I told her I would check my system (Just in case I was wrong, which I usually am not.) I asked my co worker if he knew of one and he told me he did, but we're out of them since they were on clearance, but the store in Henderson had fifteen or so.

So I went back to her and told her the "$250 netbook" according to my co worker was only at the Henderson store... And this is when she gave me a stare like I just scissor kicked and dragged one of her daughters by the hair and started to say, "I JUST CAME FROM THE OTHER STORE AND THEY TOLD ME YOU GUYS HAD 30 OF THEM BECAUSE I ORDERED ONE AND THEY TOLD ME IT WOULD BE HELD AT CUSTOMER SERVICE. OH YEAH, IT'S NOT THE $250 MODEL I MEANT 250GB MODEL ASUS."

I said, "If you were told at the other store that it would be held at customer service, how come you're in the computer department?"

Are you fucking joking me lady? This lady gets mad at me because she confused a dollar sign ($) for a gigabyte (GB) sign. On top of that she was told where the computer would be and still decides to come bother me and waste both of our time.

I really need to go into an industry where I have to deal with less imbeciles, or where I don't have to deal with the general public as much as what I'm used to. I will have to keep my hobby for computer services a definite side job because if it ever became my full time gig, and I had to deal with these types of people everyday, I would go crazy.